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Your display suspended


Fixed to the ceiling by nylon strings and easy-to-use hooks

All of our frame models can be suspended with simple, adjustable hooks. The nylon cord is fixed efficiently to the ceiling with a special plastic clip that will adhere to any surface

Cascade of multiple displays

This system of hooks allows you to suspend many displays one on top of the other

Suspension of triangle, cubic units

3 frames can be connected together so as to form, for example, a triangular shape, which you can suspended using the ceiling kits

Double-sided displays

The AFIX system allows you to hang posters printed on the back. With nothing extra, you can display your front to back designs or even display two posters back to back


Your display on a wall


Attached with nails

You can attach all models with a simple set of nails, on which the main tube will rest. The lightness of the frames allows for a simple and lasting installation

Attached with screws and spacers

Because of the holes that are found on all four corners, frames can be screwed directly on the walls, or even propped up 1" away from it by using the 4 provided aluminum spacers. With this method, your display will look like its floating in the air

Attached with suspension hooks

Our adjustable hooks for ceilings (described above) also work for walls. The advantage with this option is the possibility of adjusting the height of the frame in the future. As well, it provides a more permanent adhesive grip

Attached in-store on slat walls

You can now enhance your displays on slat wall by using the newly designed slatwall spacer

Your display in a window

Attached with 4 suction cups in the corners

With most frame models, you can use our suction-cups that attach in the 4 corners of the frame. It can then be installed easily to windows. Combined with our very light poster frames, the suction cups are an efficient solution to display posters of any size

Attached with large suction cups with hooks

Two suction cups hooks are first installed on the window, then the frame (all models) leans on them. This option provides the ability to take the sign on and off the window within seconds. Ideal for medium to large sized posters

Attached with suspension hooks

Our adjustable hooks on nylon string can also be used in windows. The advantage of this option is that it is possible to adjust the height of the frame after installation

Your display on a countertop

Supported by plastic bases

Available in black, clear blue, clear green or clear white, the plastic base is compatible with our 3 models of frames. Frames can use 2 bases for better support (accomodates frames up to 24" x 36"). Of course, your visual can be seen by both sides

Small feet with adjustable angle

For your small posters, the small foot is the most economical solution in a countertop use. 10 cm in length, it can be placed in one corner of the frame at the inclination you desire. Small feet come in clear or black plastic

Your display on a stand

Variable height

Why not change the visual aspect of your printed promotions ? Our structures allow for easy change of poster height up to 180 cm. Changing the poster and re-adjusting the height takes a minute !

Posters superimposed one on top of the another

Thanks to our patented clip, you can superimpose 2 posters or more in your frame and adjust the heights to your need !

Structure with 2 metal bases

The model with metal base offers excellent stability. The gray finish texture provides an elegant design. Oval tubular aluminum bases also available

Structure with standard "H" legs

This configuration has tube feet instead of a pair of metal bases, which represents a much lighter solution. The feet are made of the same aluminum tubing as the structure. The tubes, used as feet, ensure good stability. Their length can vary depending on the height of the structure and your needs

Single-footed structure with central metal base

A simple frame can be clipped on a central aluminum pole and a metal base. Fits small to medium sizes

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