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Creative solutions

Transportable kiosks


The AFIX system possesses great flexibility. It is easy to connect many frames together, at different angles, to form kiosks. Thanks to the multiple accessories, the structures are light, compact and easy to assemble. They can be transported by plane as carry-on luggage

Conceive and create structures

Let your imagination run wild or let us suggest our ideas. We can provide realistic designs of your structure so that you can visualize it

Additional options and accessories

Many colors are available. Different AFIX products and accessories are available as add-ons, such as banner stands, counter frames, connectable snap-on lights, snap-on brochure-holders of various sizes... Even tables or projection screens are custom-made with AFIX materials !

Standard configurations for rental

Different configurations and dimensions are available and ready to be rented. The structures are light and easy to assemble. Contact us for more information and to reserve

Separators, wall of images and partitions

Wall of images for exhibitions

Recommended for continuous messages. Can be used with reversible signs, in hallways, exhibition halls, etc? Like all our products, they are light, easy to assemble and easy to transport

Office separators

A simple solution to separate your office space in a personalized and creative way. Thanks to our choice of colors, the separators fit with every décor. Can be shaped as a flat mural image or a zigzag partition


Like all AFIX products, there is a wide range of accessories available for more flexibility


All units come in an anodized silver finish or in 6 vibrant colors: red, yellow, green, blue, white and black

Self-standing units

Flexible dimensions

Work with posters of all formats. Thanks to an djustable height that can be set at eye level, footed structures communicate well with the public

Many styles of bases

Round or oval-shaped bases adapt to all decors and offer many options for better managing your space


Brochure holders of different formats can be clipped very easily onto the structure. They can be placed at either side of the stand, and can also be placed laterally depending on the format of the brochures. The structure can be personalized with a logo holder (your artwork) that can clip anywhere on the structure. Snap-on lights available

Recommended usage

Entranceways to boutiques or restaurants, exhibitions, tradeshows, etc.

Curved units

Unique and custom-made

Step out of the ordinary with structures of unique shapes, made to your own dimensions and preferences

Unlimited possibilities

Let your imagination run wild, or let us provide some ideas. We will supply realistic sketches so you can better visualize the final look of your structure

A great way to look different, wherever it is

Curved structures will make your posters shine not only with floor configurations but also suspended, showing very evocative shapes, or even on a wall attached with spacer kits

Your turn to play !

Release your creativity and challenge us to deliver structures that will revamp your company's image ! Add lights, brochure-holders or logo-holders to perfectly complement your project

Integration of plexiglass, foam core or coroplast

Integration of inclined shelves

Choose among standard widths or let us provide shelves to your own dimensions, for use with self-standing units, or in an AFIX kiosk

Shelves integrated in a vertical tower

Plexiglass panels can be integrated in a 4-sides tower, wether in a horizontal way as a mid-height shelf, or on the sides in a vertical way, as a showcase

Plexiglass used for poster protection

Sometimes when dealing with fragile posters or in the case of busy points of sale, you have the option of replacing the spring and clip system by 2 plexiglass protection panels fixed in a frame or a floor-stand, with T-clips. The posters is squeezed between the 2 panels and the T-clips provide the strength to hold them tight

Display foam core or coroplast panels within the frame

Using T-clips, display a foam core or a coroplast panel within a frame or a floor-stand

Examples of creative solutions

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More photos: Photo gallery

Creative solutions video demo

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