Countertop fixture:
Small feet with adjustable angle:
practical and economical solution for counters. The tilt of the frame is adjustable
Max format: A4/Letter
Available with profile(s): rectangle
Tips: firmly insert the footer in one of the corners of the frame according to the angle desired
Rectangle acrylic base:
clear, elegant base for counters
Max format: 40 x 60 cm
Available with profile(s): round
Tips: insert a round tube in the base as illustrated, the flat part of the tube facing up. Assemble the frame normally
Round plastic base:
round bases are easy to use, tilt is adjustable. Possible to use 2 bases per frame for improved stability with larger formats
Max format: 60 x 80 cm
Available with profile(s): square, round, rectangle
Available color(s): black, clear blue, clear green, clear white
Tips: place the lower part of the frame on the base. Install the plastic ring on the base and attach 2 wingnuts